Vision & Mission

Bengaluru Dr. B. R. Ambedkar School of Economics is established for public benefit and accordingly its objectives are set to establish a State of Art School of learning economics and other social sciences. We are set to endeavour on the lines indicated by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who is considered as the architect of the Constitution of India, a sociologist and an economist. He wrote: “The student so trained should learn to distinguish between what may fairly be called matter of fact and what is certainly mere matter of opinion. He should be accustomed to distinguish issues, and to look at separate questions each on its own merits and without an eye to their bearings on some cherished theory. He should learn to state fairly, and even sympathetically the position of those to whose practical conclusions he is most stoutly able to weight evidence, to follow and criticize argument and put his own value on authorities.” (From Works and Speeches of Dr B R Ambedkar, Vol II-P-296-297)

B.A.S.E is expected to provide necessary support in economic human power to the countryand creating an inclusive society through participation of key stake holders in government, public, private and academic institutes. The focus of the Bengaluru Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics would be to provide state of art learning in Theoretical, Applied Economics and connectivity to other Social Sciences, so that research activities at the School of Economics will be accordingly shaped.The School shall provide knowledge and learning tools for policy development and initiate Public discussions on policies and emerging scenarios in society and economy. Freedom to learn, litheness in teaching and ease in learning leading to androgogy shall be the fundamental model of education.


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